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How it works

Our software does a lot for coworking spaces. We integrate perfectly with your existing tech to ensure the people in your workspace have the best experience possible.

Here's a bit more info on how it works.

We improve your community

Create a supportive and active community by
enabling members to collaborate. Members will
be able to know who's in the community
by accessing by:

1. searching through member profiles;
2. asking for help through our news feed; or
3. Search for someone in their community.

Your members can receive notifications and interact
with posts that they are interested in.

You and your members can also use our messenger to chat and interact easily.

Avoid awkward conversations and disputes
between members by providing a tool where they
can agree on terms to do real work
for each other.

By making it easy for members to collaborate,
you can add to your coworking space's supportive

We attract new users and increase your revenue

Members will be able
to refer others within
their network who
can add value to
your community.

This grows your
community through
creating organic

Once your referrals experience the value of your network, you can convert them into paying members.

We provide you with a list of referrals and
make it easy to sell memberships through
our platform.

List your existing memberships and include
or add value to your virtual/online

We improve communication

Profile pages so members can access
businesses within their community.
Your members will now know who's
in their community and what they do.

You and your members can
also use our messenger to
chat and interact easily.

News feed for announcements,
community events, and member

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