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10 steps to do beautiful business with Xero

Written by
Kylie Parker

10 steps to do beautiful business with Xero

Written by
Kylie Parker

10 steps to do beautiful business with Xero

Written by
Kylie Parker

Recently Xero rebranded from beautiful accounting software to beautiful business. In order to celebrate this change below are my top non accounting tips for using Xero.


1)   Contacts –your contact list in Xero can be an incredibly powerful source of information if set up and used correctly. In order to tidy up your contacts quickly you can export them and update the details in excel.

If you have transactions that you don’t want a contact card for – ie a one off purchase at a café set up a contact called “Other” so you can still reconcile the bank.

 Link your Office 365 or Gmail to contacts to share information.

Setting up Skype accounts and dialling customer from your Xero file is just one of the many features listed in the link below to consider.



2)   Files – each Xero file has a unique file folder email address, if you save this in your contacts you can email documents directly to your Xero file to be saved that either substantiate transactions or help with your business record keeping. Popular folders I use are permanent documents, bank statements, Employment contracts and Legal documentation.



3)   Profile – as a Xero user you have a profile account that can be used to participate in community discussions. This is the top right hand corner of your Xero file.



4)   Small Business Guides – Xero has an amazing marketing team that produce fantastic business guides, this information is able to be viewed in under 10 minute chunks and often can produce both time saving and bottom line improvements to your business.



5)   App marketplace – with over 700 apps that connect with Xero there is bound to be something that helps with process improvement, by searching your business type you will be directed to the most commonly used apps that are linked directly to current Xero files.



6)   Tracking categories – you can select two tracking categories and then have up to 100 items under these to help with some of the granular details of your business. Knowing who or what are producing income or incurring expenditure for your business makes for better decisions.


7)   Global connections – Xero is very active on social media particularly @twitter so finding out the latest updates and adopting them will help improve your business administration. At the latest Xerocon it was announced the mobile app is going to be improved so this is one feature to look out for. Our marketing team also showcase business case studies through the year with Cloud St being a very popular pop up shop.



8)   Security – Xero is an ASX listed company and takes the security of your data seriously, please ensure you use the features like two step authentication as the information is only as secure as the controls you implement in logging in.



9)   Small Business Insights – how do you compare ?With the increase in information Xero are in a position to use the aggregated data for real insights into our small businesses in Australia are performing.This is useful to learn businesses with online payment services do get paid faster than there counterparts relying on paper and a bank transfer.



10) SmallBusiness Sessions are a podcast sponsored by Xero from www.enterprisenation.com– by searching for Xero in google you will also be provided with other information to help your business become beautiful.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder that can be whatever you dream of for your business success!

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