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Our app creates community for coworking spaces
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How it Works

Connect members

using member profiles for personal & professional matching.

Management tools

such as room bookings, memberships and event creators.

CRM & Lead Gen

to convert members referrals into paying members.

Improve Community

by facilitating member collaboration
through events, member groups
and match making.

Attract new members and
Increase revenue

by allowing members to invite their network.

Improve communication

by using our engaging and
easy to use tools to manage the
physical space and community.

What people say

Heidi Albertiri

bsmarter takes the guess work out of the collaboration process. As a creative person I love to collaborate but the nitty gritty contracts and agreements bore me to tears. Your hand is held throughout the whole process and it’s like having someone on your side to make sure you are taken care of.  The possibilities are endless and because the service is so thorough you find yourself looking for services you didn’t even know you needed.

the life style edit

Kylie Parker

As an accountant, I love the compliance side of bsmarter in providing a clear market value. It’s great to see a transaction so clearly. bsmarter allows us to easily describe what services will be provided, place a transactional value on those services; and have clear due dates. No lost information, no endless email chains, no arguments. It’s simple and easy!

Lotus Accountants

Chris Elias

There are so many talented services providers on this platform that have helped me build my business. From accountants, web designers, social media marketers and content creators, bsmarter has an awesome variety of quality services. It is easier than ever to work with other great businesses!

Elias Consulting
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